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Reasons to travel with a Tour Guide

Even though Cape Town and surrounds are superbly geared to self driving holiday makers, we have highlighted why you should consider touring with a tour guide.

Our guides are local English-speaking professionals who are passionate about sharing their South Africa with you. It is this passion and enthusiasm that we look for when hand picking our guides. They are dedicated men and women who are mature, responsive, friendly, patient and honest, with attention to detail and focus on enhancing your experience of our country. Once we know what you hope to experience we can manage the daily itinerary accordingly and our guides may even recommend sites and activities you weren’t aware of!

Need more convincing? We have a few FAQ's listed below.

Q: Is having a guide more expensive?

A: Well, yes but you get what you pay for. We understand that the quality of guide impacts on your experience and so recruit professional, experienced local guides to enhance your experience.

Q: But I have read that Cape Town is easy to drive around; why would I need a guide?

A: Cape Town is very tourist friendly and many visitors enjoy self drive tours. Depending on the time of year, one can experience traffic and visitor congestion at the various popular sites and activities. Being hosted by a local guide reduces the frustration of navigating for parking and queuing.

Q: How much time can I spend at each site or activity?
A: As much (or as little) as you choose! This is a great advantage of being hosted on private tours; your time is all yours.

Q: How will the guide know what I want to see and do?

A: They will know because you will tell them. Our guides are sensitive to various needs and make use of their experience and local knowledge to ensure an enjoyable day tour with African Experience. They may even make suggestions of sites and activities you were not aware of.

We are not knocking coach and scheduled tours as they have their place in the tourism industry. If having n exclusive tour without having to wait on other guests then African Experience is the best travel partner choice.